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Ant Control

Attempting to do your own ant control in Singapore can be taxing and difficult. Your over-the-counter insect repellent is effective in killing the ants you can see but it doesn’t solve the root of the problem – completely eradicating their colony from your home.

To make matters worse, many untrained individuals can’t tell the difference between an ant and a termite. So the treatments they deploy may not be as effective resulting in this persistent problem repeating itself again and again.

To save yourself from the headache of an ant infestation in your home, Pest Management Singapore specialises in providing ant control solutions that destroys the queen ant and their entire colony.


How to Tell You Have an Ant Infestation Problem

These insects are social creatures that travel together in search of food and shelter for their colony. If you’re facing an ant infestation problem, it means that their Queen Ant has decided to settle in or near your home. And as your home has food, it provides them with an easy source of sustenance to nurture their young and grow their colony.

The only way to completely remove these pests is to first find their nest or anthill and flush out the Queen Ant. You can tell from her size as she is usually about twice the size of the average worker ant and hiding deep within the anthill, safe from harm. Once the Queen is dead, the colony will fall into disarray and your ant problems will naturally resolve itself.

The worker ants leave a trail when they’re foraging for food. You can follow this trail to find their nest as each ant releases a chemical pheromone to help the next ant identify and find the food source.

Like flies and bees, there are many different species of ants and each of them have their own unique characteristics. An ant control specialist will use the appropriate pest management treatment to effectively eradicate the different species.


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When it comes to completely removing ants from your home, we’ll deploy a two-step ant control solution to kill the entire colony as well as the ants crawling around your house. We do this with our unique pest management solutions:

  • Ant Gel Baiting – using an attractant, the worker ants will consume some of this gel and bring it back to their nest to share with their Queen and the colony. Inside this gel contains Trophyllaxis that will slowly kill each ant
  • Ant Residual Spray – a chemical barrier is created after spraying on the surface of your floors and walls. It’s completely safe for humans and pets but lethal to any ant that comes in contact with it


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