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Bed Bug Control

A common concern about bed bugs in Singapore is the irritation their bites leave on your skin. While a bite from these pests seldom spread any contagious disease, their victims have been known to suffer from infection.

You may find it difficult to detect them in your bed during the day as they’re likely to hide in your furniture and only come out when it’s night. Our body’s natural warmth attracts these parasitic insects to feed and suck our blood. Leaving a nasty and irritating itch which you’ll feel in the morning after a night’s sleep.

As they prefer to stay within the crevices of your mattress seams and the cracks of your room like your electrical outlet plates, specialised treatments are required. Your off-the-shelf chemical pesticides aren’t as effective at exterminating these pests.

That’s where Pest Management Singapore can help you with our Bed Bugs control solutions combined with our years of experience to completely eradicating these critters from your home for good.


Bed Bugs Infestation – Threat to Your Family

The best bed bug prevention method is to detect them early before they start reproducing. Their females can lay as many as 5 eggs in a day, totaling to almost 500 eggs in each bug’s lifespan. Given our local climate, and add in the fact that these insects can survive for long durations without a meal, removing them fully becomes increasingly difficult the longer you delay.

Unfortunately, you might unknowingly pick up bed bugs from anywhere. They’re likely to infest not just homes, but offices, hotels, gyms, and any place that has a good condition for breeding. You probably wouldn’t even be aware they’re hiding in your personal belongings as you make your way home. And once they’re indoors, without a professional pest control company to remove them, the infestation begins.

While your family sleeps at night, their bodies exhale carbon dioxide that help these insects find their way to their prey. They’re known to feed for about 10 minutes per blood meal then retreat back to hiding before starting on their next feast. You may only notice an infestation when they’ve spread if you don’t know what to look out for.

How to Tell if Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Home?


Careless clues left behind after a feeding session

Bed bugs are usually within close proximity to their victims and only prey on an inactive host. This means you could be awake in the day and they may still decide to feed on you. Thus the first sign to look for is any reaction on your skin from a bed bug bite. If you happen to have a bite that looks like a mosquito or flea bite, start examining your house for more telltale signs.

The younger bugs tend to shed their exoskeleton shells as they mature. Also, after each feeding when they return to their harborage, you may spot blackish brown stains on your floors and wall; a sign of them defecating.

Naturally, if spot any of the reddish adult bed bugs or notice their tiny white eggs, it is time to call a professional in.


Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd.
– Bed Bugs Control Solutions

We offer a two-step, two-in-one removal treatment for infected homes. As pesticides aren’t always effective as these critters become resilient to the chemicals, our solution involves a combination of adulticide chemicals and insect growth regulator.

Step 1

This solution releases microscopic mist particles that are able to slip within out-of-reach crevices to target their breeding and harbouring grounds. If necessary, we’ll bring in a targeted aerosol treatment to kill the bedbugs.


Step 2

To ensure a thorough removal process, about 2 weeks from the first treatment, we’ll have a follow-up treatment. This will kill any surviving bed bugs from the initial dosage to guarantee a complete eradication, especially if any bed bug nymphs had hatched after the first treatment.

Engaging a professional pest control company gives you the assurance that your house can recover from any bed bug infestation.


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