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Bees, Wasp and Hornet Control

In Singapore, many are unable to differentiate between bees, wasps and hornets. For example, which one is useful and which is dangerous? While bees are generally non-aggressive and useful in nature, you will have to take extra care as well if there is a beehive around your home.

As a Pest Control Specialist , we understand that some people are allergic to these insects and may experience an allergic reaction. Contact us immediately if you’re facing a bee, wasp or hornet related issue and aren’t sure how to get rid of them. Our pest removal experts will assist you so you don’t have to risk yourself getting sting.


What to Do If You Have a Bee, Wasp or Hornet Control Problem?

The first step is to identify which species have invaded your home. Again, bees are generally harmless and will leave you alone. However, if they’re troubling you, or if there is a hive nearby, our team can come in to do a site inspection to find the source of attraction and remove the threat.

A wasp or hornet situation is different. They are aggressive, dangerous and will sting you relentlessly if you get too close. Avoid any direct contact with them unless you’re a trained professional.

Likewise, under no circumstances should you ever try to remove their nest on your own. Never poke or disturb it with a stick as that is a sign of provocation and they’ll attack.

Leave it to a pest control specialist to deal with these insects where we’ll determine the best solutions to exterminate them.


How Do You Know If You’re Looking at a Bee, Wasp or a Hornet?

While all three insects may look and appear similar, with yellow and black striped bodies and a stinger at the end, each has some distinct features that distinguish them from one another.


Bees are hard workers and responsible for the production of honey. Their sturdy body structure helps them to carry pollen to pollinate both plants and vegetable crops. They rarely attack humans unless their bee hive is under attack or they feel threaten. In the event they do sting a person, they lose their stings and that trauma kills them.


You can tell a wasp (yellow jacket) apart from a bee as they have a narrower waist giving them a significantly more streamlined body. These helps them to hunt for food and unlike a bee, their stingers don’t fall off, allowing them to sting their victim repeatedly. Watch out for any paper lantern looking structure which is usually a wasp’s nest.


Perhaps the most dangerous of the lot. Hornets can grow to a length of 5 cm and are extremely aggressive. Their nests may look like a ball attached to a building or tree. While they’re considered to be a species of the wasps, they may differ in their colouring appearing greyish in colour. If you encounter a nest near your window or home, contact us to help you eliminate them.


Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd.
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Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd. has been in the business of pest control for more than a decade. Our pest control professionals are well trained and qualified to handle any bee, wasp or hornet infestation including the removal of their nest or hive. Unlike most other pest where a blotch job simply means an incomplete eradication of the problem, the same cannot be said about bee, wasp or hornet control. Do it wrongly, and you risk bodily injury including possible death.

Hence, when it comes to such dangerous pest, don’t risk handling them yourselves. Leave it to the professionals. Leave it to Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd..


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