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Fleas and ticks in Singapore are a concern for many pet owners. A bite from a flea exposes your pet to possible diseases which may in turn spread to you. These parasites feast on blood of animals like dogs and cats, and even other pests like rats and mice. This can be a concern as you could be facing a rodent problem which, in turn, introduces fleas to your home resulting in an infestation. Fleas don’t carry their eggs but deposit them into cracks on your floor or on your carpet, rugs, and other places around your house. These eggs hatch within a couple of days, spawning more fleas which leads to a major outbreak.

If you see a single tick in your house, your home is likely already infested. Like fleas, they feed on the blood of their hosts. The main difference is that ticks tend to prefer specific animals to invade and feed on. And in Singapore, you’ll usually find yourself with a tick infestation if you own dogs.

In the event you’re facing a situation with either of these pests, Pest Management Singapore will deploy specific flea and tick removal solutions to get rid of these unwelcome guests thoroughly.


Do You Have a Flea Problem in Your Home?

It is quite easy to tell if you have a flea problem as the adult fleas are easy to locate. Their bodies are reddish brown spanning about 2.5 millimetre long. They can detect a host through body heat, carbon dioxide emission and the vibrations from your movement. The bite from a flea is different from your typical mosquito bite as it is instantly itchy and you’ll notice tiny dark spots from their bites. Seek a doctor for medical attention if you’re bitten and bring your pets to a veterinarian if they are infested.

Another concern is their eggs and larvae which are likely to be found in your bedding, especially if you haven’t changed or washed it for long duration of time. Their eggs make up for almost 40% of the entire population in an infestation and these eggs are in various stages of their life cycle comprising of the larvae, pupal and cocoon stage. Naturally, due to their size, it can be difficult to spot them around the house.

To completely eradicate fleas from your home, a thorough inspection is necessary, especially to root out the flea population while they’re still maturing.


The Danger of a Tick Infestation

Ticks are known to transmit deadly diseases such as the Canine Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis. Without seeking proper and immediate medical attention, it can lead to serious illnesses which may even prove to be fatal. In Singapore, dogs are usually the only pets that are at risk due to the nature of ticks. Hence if you notice your dog show signs and symptoms of fever, vomiting, lethargy and you spotted a tick on your dog, you must act immediately; get your dog to the vet and engage a pest control company to give your house a clean sweep for any infestation.

This is important as the female tick lays thousands of eggs which they may hide in all corners of your house. The last thing you want is to expose your dog to ticks again in your home after it has just been treated.

Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd.
– Flea and Tick Control Solutions

To provide your home with a safe environment, we offer a 2-step, 2-in-1 pest control programme.

Using microscopic mist particles, our flea and tick control solution will penetrate your walls and other hard-to-reach areas. This mist contains adulticide chemicals and insect growth regulator that kills the adult flea and their nymph and also adult ticks. This forms the first part of the regime to wipe out the initial batch of fleas or ticks.

After a couple of weeks, we’ll come to complete the second phase of the regime. As with any purging treatment, some insects may survive through the misting or their eggs may have hatched. We’ll come in a second time for a thorough removal process and to prevent the infestation from reoccurring.


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