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A health threat to animals and people alike, flies in Singapore are generally seen as a nuisance. And with more than 100,000 different species worldwide, it becomes increasingly difficult to have an one-size-fit-all Fly Control solution. That’s where our Pest Management specialist comes in to help you stop an infestation and remove these pests from your home or office.

Depending on the species, they may mature within a week (from egg to adult). When that happens, you know you need to take immediate action and find their breeding grounds to completely eliminate them.


Why You Need to Control Your Fly Problem

Other than a fly over-population issue similar to bed bugs, the bigger health threat is food contamination. They carry bacteria, viruses and many other harmful things like parasitic worms which they may spread to the food you eat. And this contamination process may even make your stomach churn. Because they’re not able to consume solid food (as their mouths only consists of a tube for feeding) they have an alternative method. They start by regurgitating the digestive juices in their stomach onto your food, decomposing it before sucking it back up. This liquefies the food enough for them to feed on while leaving behind billions of germs and their saliva on whatever you’re eating. And to make things worse, flies carry almost two times the amount of pathogens as your cockroach. Yet most people behave very indifferently towards them.


How to Eliminate Flies?

A clean environment will usually deter their growth spree and quickly stop any overpopulation issue as you’ll prevent these fly larvae from developing.

If you already have a fly infestation problem, the first step is to find the breeding sites. As each type of fly prefer to lay their eggs and breed in different environment, this task alone will be difficult without the help of pest control professionals.

Once you’ve located their breeding grounds, the next step is to deprive them of their food source. Remember, they like moisture as they feed on liquefied food. Hence you’ll want to make sure you have a clean and dry environment where food isn’t left out in the open and rubbish bins are cleaned regularly.

The most common type of flies is the Musca Domestica, also commonly known as the house fly. They prefer moist and dark places to lay their eggs and breed. Anything decaying, rotting, or dirty attracts these flies so you’ll want to clean your place of any animal excretion and rotting meat.

The other common specie is the Drosophila spp or fruit fly. They prefer sweet substances like fruits that are overripe and will lay their eggs on exposed fruits and vegetable.

If you notice an increasing number of flies and your DIY solutions aren’t helping, it’s time to call a professional pest management company.


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– Fly Control Solutions

We have a variety of fly control treatment methods depending on the type of species we’re dealing with. But the basic technique revolves around three key things:

  • Baiting – an environmentally friendly approach that uses food bait injected with a chemical to kill the flies after they eat it
  • Chemical Spraying – we’ll identify strategic locations and to spray a chemical layer that kills the flies landing on this residual contact insecticide
  • Light Traps – the light attracts the fly and a glue board traps them which helps us identify the exact species to deploy a more effective technique for eliminating them


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Given that homes and businesses in the F&B industries have to eradicate these pests as they’re a sign of poor food and health hygiene, you should conduct regular inspections and checks to provide a fly-free environment.

To find out more about our fly control services (ie locating different breeding grounds and destroying the fly population) and schedule an appointment with our fly control specialists, simply call us at +65 6589 8545.

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