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Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Singapore is increasingly important for housing estates and commercial properties.

Rodents are also an alarming threat for hawker centres as they threaten the hygienic standards of these food centres. The last thing you want to find near your dinner are rats and mice running around and contaminating your food. In homes, it gets worse as they’re also likely to gnaw on your electrical wiring and damaging your walls.

Here at Pest Management Singapore, we take extra measures to effectively eliminate these unwanted pests with our monitoring and treatment protocols. Simple bait and traps aren’t effective long term solutions as rodents learn from their experience and are often able to outsmart these traps. That’s why we use a series of monitoring stations to help us get rid of them from your property.


How to Tell You’re Infested with Rodents

The first most common sign of a rodent infestation is their droppings. Take extra care when removing them as rodent droppings contain bacteria harmful to humans. Their excretions are the culprits for the wide outspread of many diseases and deadly viruses. If you find yourself in such a situation, contact a rodent control specialist immediately. A rodent control specialist has the right equipment to effectively remove these pests and sterilize the area.

Another common concern is the decomposition of a dead rodent. Their bodies begin to emit a pungent odour which may take weeks to remove. And if the smell isn’t bad enough, their bodies play host to many other airborne diseases, some of which can be very deadly, especially to small children.


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If you have tried eradicating these pests on your own, it is likely that your effort may have proven futile. This is largely because Rodents tend to colonise in areas beyond a human’s reach without the use of proper equipment. Their small body structure gives them an advantage as they can squeeze through tiny cracks and spaces. It becomes a serious problem when they start reproducing at an alarming rate.

From our experience, one of the best way to outsmart rats (which are sly and are very wary of their surroundings) is through the use of different monitoring stations.

As a Rodent Control Specialist, we use a series of traps:

  • Rodent Glue Boards – Placed at entrances to buildings and common areas to monitor rodent activity
  • Tamper Proof Bait Stations – Effective for controlling their population as the baits are filled with rodenticides
  • RODENTHOR Snap Trap – A large and powerful spring loaded snapping mechanism
  • GOODNATURE traps – Using a Piston reinforced with a steel-core glass to strike the skull of the rodent for a quick kill.

As rodents are warm blooded mammals, we employ thermal imaging devices to help us accurately detect their exact location faster. We will then deploy the various traps and poison to completely eradicate their colony.

Both rats and mice are dangerous to have them around your home or office as they carry diseases. Rats may also carry other parasites into your home like fleas and ticks. Mice contaminate the food we eat. If you’re facing a serious rodent infestation, give us a call as we can help you effectively get rid of them for good.


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