Termite Baiting

Wipe Out their Whole Colony

Termite Baiting

In Singapore, termite baiting is one of the most effective pest control solution to rid yourself of these pests invading your home.

While there have been many different termite control solutions emerging in recent years, baits have been growing in popularity as a preferred solution. It works well in going straight into solving the root of the problem… the termite colony.

Although traditional methods of using chemicals are able to eradicate the termites roaming around your house, you’ll find this problem resurfacing again and again if you fail to eliminate the nest as well.

That’s why Pest Management Singapore focuses on a 2-pronged approach combining both the chemical method with baits for a complete removal. Our goal is to help you rid of these termites once and for all.

What Are Effective Termite Baiting Solutions?

The woodpiles and tree structures around the house are the termites’ natural source of food. Your bait has to appear to be more appealing to the termites for them to choose your bait over their natural food source.

This is why most baits will consist of a combination of cardboard or other termite food. This is then combined with small edible poison that slowly surfaces and kills its victim.

Why DIY Baits Don’t Work?

Naturally, for a thorough removal, you’ll want to combine baiting with on-going inspection to ensure that the treatment is working. A common challenge some homeowners face with their own do-it-yourself (DIY) baits is that theirs kill the termites too quickly. This leaves a trail where a large number of sick or dead termites are found near your bait stations. The surviving termites will start to avoid your bait hence it becomes ineffective.

Leaders Pest Management Pte. Ltd. Baiting System

Our focus from the start is to identify the species we’re dealing with. This lets us know whether they’re foraging for food above ground or in the ground. Knowing this enable us to plan out our interception points to place food substance and more importantly, the baits.

These baits consist of a slow-acting agent. The goal is naturally for the termites to deliver these “food substance” back to their colony. And we’ll let the bait do its job.

With the additional help of our infra-red thermal imaging, we can monitor the situation without any intrusive activities such as drilling holes around your house. Our thermal cameras are sensitive enough to detect even a tiny 0.1 degrees Celsius change in temperature. We use this to identify foraging routes for our interception points.

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